With easy-to-understand examples for beginners

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Counter Class In Python

You can find below the explanation of the Counter class at docs.python.org

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What is ‘NamedTuple’ Data Type?

NamedTuple is basically an extension of the Python built-in tuple data type. Here is how doc.python.org defines the NamedTuples;

With easy to follow examples for beginners

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What is a Deque and What They are Designed For?

Deque is short for the double-ended queue which means that it efficiently supports adding and removing items from both ends. They are designed to perform these specific tasks efficiently.

With easy to understand examples for beginners!

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Tuples and Lists: Key differences

  • They are both used to store collection of data
  • They are both heterogeneous data types means that you can store any kind…

Lambda functions in Python with practical examples

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  • Why lambda functions are useful and when to use them?
  • Practical examples and real usage of lambda functions in Python

What are lambda functions in Python, how they differ from the conventional functions?

Lambda functions are defined without a name so they are also called anonymous or nameless functions. …

Generate 2000 questions in 5 minutes

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  • I want my voice to be heard. I always envy the influencers in the digital world and how they affect their audience with their actions.
  • I want…

Use Python Lists Like a Pro

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What are Lists in Python?

Lists are one of the most frequently used built-in data structures in Python. You can create a list by placing all the items inside square brackets[ ], separated by commas. Lists can contain any type of object and this makes them very useful and versatile.

With easy to understand examples in 5 Minutes!

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  • Both yield and return statements return a value from a function. …

Use Python Dictionaries Like a Pro

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What is a Python Dictionary?

In a nutshell, a dictionary can be defined as a collection of…

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